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Let us help you find hardwhere to suit your budget and life style.

Exterior and Interior Door Hardware serving Williams Lake, 100 Mile House, Quesnel and The Central Coast.

When you want to make a good first impression with your front door, Wise Windows & Doors can enhance your home with attractive and sturdy handles, knobs and levers. We offer a wide selection of door hardware and provide everything from handles to deadbolts for the interior and exterior of your home, store or workplace. Be it modern, traditional or craftsman styles, we’ve got it all!


You don’t have to give up on your dream style to get adequate protection and security. We will give you beautiful doors with concealed screw mounts and other solid security features such as double cylinder deadbolts. Contact us to inquire about our range of door hardware, levers and handles to complement your home in Williams Lake and surrounding areas.


Door Hardware Products We Stock

Contact the door experts at Wise Windows & Doors to choose the right interior and exterior door hardware for your home, including these products:

  • Exterior door knobs and levers

  • Interconnected or mortise locks

  • Handlesets

  • Key and electronic deadbolts

  • Security guards

  • Deadbolt and chain guards

  • Spring and adjustable hinges

  • Door viewers and door knocker


How To Select The Best Handles, Knobs and Levers For Your Door

The perfect handle for your exterior doors is the key for your property’s good impression. It keeps your property secure. Here are some of the points you can consider while picking the best handle for your exterior door:

  • Door type
    Pick the right handle that correctly fits your exterior door. Consider your door’s thickness and the backset’s specifications, which is the distance from the door’s edge to the keyhole’s centre point or the hole for the spindle. 

  • Handle style
    Think about the handle design that can satisfy your needs aesthetically and functionally. When choosing your design, consider the outside architecture and style of your home. You can also match the exterior handles to other exterior fixtures like light fixtures, mailboxes, doorbells, or knockers.

  • Lock type
    When it comes to external doors, the stronger the lock, the better. If you’d like a deadlock or a euro lock or would like to add a custom design, logo or a decorative coat of arms, we can provide it all! You could add a night latch for more security for the inside of your exterior door to allow the door to remain locked from the inside without using a key. Handle sets with deadbolt locks are popular among homeowners for entry doors because they include a deadbolt lock and are available in designs that match their home.

If you’re looking for handles for the interior of your property, it is likely that you’d like to incorporate a uniform style throughout your space. While choosing your ideal hardware for your interior doors, consider the style of your property, its overall theme - modern, traditional or victorian - and the desired finish of your handles, along with the factors listed above.


Call us today to discuss your needs - Our team at Wise Windows and Doors Ltd. is happy to take you through all the door hardware options available in  Williams Lake, 100 Mile House, Quesnel and The Central Coast.


Learn More about Our Suppliers

Wise Windows and Doors sources our door hardware from the most respected and well-known manufacturers in the industry. Learn more about our suppliers’ companies and products by following the links below:


Contact Us Today for Door Hardware

Get in touch with us for all your door hardware products in Williams Lake and the surrounding area. We also offer door installation, and exterior and interior door services to update the look of your entire home.

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